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Welcome to Starr County Memorial Hospital. This general acute care hospital has grown rapidly since first opening our doors in 1975 and continual growth and expansions for the community are already underway. Our patients and their visitors can enjoy the benefits of having quality care so close to home.

Quality Care Close to Home

Starr County Memorial Hospital continues to provide excellent service through our Board Members, Medical Staff, and Staff Members. Our successful years of operation are a reflection of our dedication to our community.

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Flu Shot Page

Get your family vaccinated. FightFlu

Keep your patients strong. Vaccinate. Fight Flu.

Keep your family strong. Vaccinate. Fight Flu.

3 things to know about flu season
CDC epidemiologist Michelle Hughes answers three commonly asked questions about flu season.

Do you know if flu will be bad this flu season?
What should I do if I have flu symptoms?
How can I tell if I have flu or a cold?

How to protect yourself this flu season
CDC epidemiologist Michelle Hughes answers four commonly asked questions about how to protect yourself this flu season.

Why should I get a flu vaccine?
How effective will the flu vaccine be this year?
Is it too late for me to get vaccinated this year?
How else can I protect myself from flu besides getting vaccinated?

Key facts about flu vaccines
CDC epidemiologist Michelle Hughes answers three commonly asked questions about flu vaccines.

Are flu vaccines safe?
If I'm pregnant, should I get a flu shot?
Can a flu vaccine give you flu?

Research and Updates

Keeping up with the latest research and information is critical to push the right messaging at the right time.
The following are highlights from the public health and government sectors.

Flu Vaccine Finder (8/18/20) | CDC
2019-2020 Texas Flu Surveillance (8/18/20) | DSHS (8/18/20) | DSHS
Gov. Abbott Holds Roundtable on Upcoming Flu Season (8/6/20)

Research, Statistics and Clinical Guidance
Study: Willingness to Vaccine Kids Against Flu After COVID-19 Pandemic (8/6/20)
EUA for Test Differentiating Flu from COVID-19 (6/2/20) | FDA
Study: Decline in Child Vaccination During COVID-19 Pandemic (5/22/20) | CDC
2018-19 FluVaxView (Coverage Dashboard) | CDC

Vaccinate your patients.